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Pu'u O'lai Caverns

Otherwise known as “Red Hill” (a small crater that towers over the shoreline of Makena) Pu’u o lai is a site that we dive as a drift dive, moving from the bay just off the Makena Golf and Beach Resort toward “Big Beach” and “Little Beach” of the Makena Coast.

Moving with the current, if there is one, divers are treated to lava rock formations, caverns, corals, and the wonderful—Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

a group of fish in the water
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Once at the edge of extinction, the Green Sea Turtle has made a remarkable comeback and is a real treat to dive with.

Pu’u ola’i is a second dive option with a profile of 45 feet max. for the duration of the tank (generally 45 minutes to an hour). It is often a second dive for our Expedition Dive Day.

All dive sites are weather conditions permitting.

Near the Makena Golf and Beach Resort, toward “Big Beach” and “Little Beach” off the Makena Coast, the Pu’u O’lai Caverns is a small crater of coral that towers over the Makena shoreline. Otherwise known as “Red Hill,” divers are treated to lava rock formations, caverns, corals, and wonderful Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Once at the edge of extinction, these sea turtles are believed to be symbols of peace, protection, and support; they are a real treat to swim amongst.

Similar to sites like Molokini and Nahuna Point, this vibrant landscape is teeming with life. From schools of fish to eels and turtles, get a chance to swim alongside these amazing creatures while exploring the natural beauty of the underwater land around you. Our licensed captains and instructors provide top-of-the-line gear and instruction throughout your journey. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to read through our FAQ page or Contact Us directly. Ready for your next adventure? Book with us today for an opportunity to witness the beauty of Hawaii below the surface!